About Us

Nudo Films, founded in 2017, is a collective of visualizers & conceptualizers brought together with a passion for compelling storytelling.

Nudo in Spanish refers to a knot and that’s really how we see any project we work on.
Any story is essentially either untying a knot or tying one with loose ends. Interestingly, Nudo in Spanish also means the middle act of a story plot, the act that ties beginning and the end together.

Our work at Nudo Films, commissioned or otherwise, is always driven by the need to share a narrative. Through the years, we’ve collected experiences across aspects of film-making & photography, including adventure, wildlife, fiction, advertising, fashion, documentary, and cellphone cinema.

Our longer-term vision is to create a local film scene and industry in Delhi and build a brand of cinema inherent to the city. Over the years, we aim to work with other production houses, generate more sustainability in the local ecosystem, host screenings and build a community around films and cinema.

Our Services

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Film Production

We work extensively on film production for brands - right from the stage of conceptualization to delivering the end product across media - theatre, social media, TVC, and more.
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Our VFX services include animation expertise across 2D & 3D, and motion graphics.
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Sometimes the power of stillness is far greater than motion. we, at nudo, are visually driven and have our own unique aesthetic to it.

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